The Dulcimer Shop opened in Blowing Rock, North Carolina in 1971. Jo and Rogers Magee began the shop as a craft shop with a few dulcimers. It quickly became a dulcimer shop devoted to the Appalachian Dulcimer and other traditional instruments. The Dulcimer Shop is located in the Martin House next to the park, in downtown Blowing Rock, NC, and is operated by Bill and Jewel Magee. Bill is the son of original owners, Jo and Rogers Magee.

Most Instruments come in a package which includes a nice case and beginning instruction book, as well as other needed tools for playing the instrument. Most music dealers sell instruments, cases, books, and accessories separately.

Appalachian Mountain Dulcimers

The Mountain Dulcimer originated in the Southern Appalachian Mountains some 200 years ago. It is about the easiest stringed instrument to learn to play. Bill and Jewel can have you playing a simple tune in just 5 minutes. The Dulcimer Shop in Blowing Rock, North Carolina carries Appalachian Mountain Dulcimers from several different makers, including McSpadden, Eckard and others which include many styles and varieties of woods and a broad range of prices. There are also Dulcimer Kits available from McSpadden and a unique instrument, the Dulci-can, a 1 string, tin can dulcimer.

Bill and Jewel and often daughter, Caroline Magee, spend time to be sure a new player understands the dulcimer, how to tune and knows the basics of how to play. They also carry many instructional dulicimer books, dulcimer CDs and dulcimer DVDs that provide further instruction on these easily, self-taught, Appalachian Mountain Instruments.

Hammered Dulcimers

The Hammered Dulcimer is known by many names around the world. It began in Persia thousands of years ago. The Dulcimer Shop carries beautiful Hammered Dulcimers from Jake’s Cabin and MasterWorks. These instruments have a great sound and are very affordable. Instruction books and a wide selection of Hammered Dulcimer CDs from many well known artists are also on hand.

Other Musical Instruments, Accessories and Related Items

Bowed Psalteries from Master Works, and TK O’Brien’s Lap Harps are available at The Dulcimer Shop. Other instruments available are Harmonicas, Irish Tin Whistles and old fashioned Jaw Harps. There are also Capos, Wooden Noters, Cases, Korg Tuners and other items that appeal to dulcimer players and music lovers. A wide selection of Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer and Hammered Dulcimer CDs, and instructional dulcimer books with dulcimer CDs and dulcimer DVDs are also available.