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All Instruments are Handcrafted in the USA

McSpadden Dulcimers Blowing Rock NC
McSpadden Dulcimers Blowing Rock NC

McSpadden Dulcimers

These beautiful Appalachian Mountain dulcimers have been the mainstay of our business since the early 70s. They are quality instruments with a beautiful, resonant sound.

There are two shapes: Hourglass (photo left) or Teardrop (photo right). The hourglass shape has hearts as tone holes and the teardrop shape has “f-holes”. There are also 2 different head designs... either a flat head like a guitar (photo left) or a traditional scroll (photo right). They come in either solid walnut or cherry wood and are available with a spruce, redwood or sycamore top.

Flat head solid walnut or solid cherry: $430
Scroll head solid walnut or solid cherry: $460

Add a spruce top to the above for an extra: $15
Add a redwood top to the above for an extra: $20

Other options include ebony fingerboard and black or gold tuners. Call or email for details.

Other models (such as Ginger, Bass, six-string, etc.) are also available.
McSpadden Dulcimer Kits Blowing Rock NC

McSpadden Sweet Song Dulcimer Kit

Sweet Song Kit with Flat Peghead & Walnut top & back. All the parts to make the dulcimer are included. A completely illustrated book of assembly instructions is included to guide you in your venture. All you have to provide is glue, sandpaper, finish, a few simple tools, and 15-20 hours of loving labor.

The cost is $140. It comes with very detailed instructions on assembly as well as a book on how to play.
Dulci-Can Dulcimers Blowing Rock NC

Dulci-Can Dulcimers

This is a little one-string dulcimer with a can as the sound box. It was created by Bill’s dad, Rogers, who holds the patent on the instrument. It costs $20 with a booklet, pic and a stick. A kit is available for $15. You only have to add the can.
Eckard Dulcimers Blowing Rock NC

Eckard Dulcimers

These beautiful Western North Carolina dulcimers are hand made by our good friend Mr. Eckard. They are traditional sounding dulcimers which are hourglass shaped and made of various lovely woods and with a variety of different tone holes. Woods include walnut, curly maple and spalted maple, cherry, catalpa, mahogany and cedar. Tone holes include hearts, bleeding hearts, humming birds, eagles, and crosses and doves.

$275 including a case and book.
Student Dulcimers Blowing Rock NC

Student Dulcimers

A wonderful and affordable dulcimer with a solid western red cedar top, luan mahogany ply sides and back, solid luan mahogany fretboard. They have a lovely traditional sound. $225 including a case and book.
Cardboard Dulcimers Blowing Rock NC

Cardboard Dulcimer

This little 3 string cardboard dulcimer has an amazing sound and is very sturdy. Cardboard body with wooden fretboard. It provides an excellent introduction to the dulcimer. Comes ready to play with a dulcimer pick, noter stick, 4-mil plastic carrying bag, and the 28 page playing manual, Meet the Friendly Dulcimer.
Prices are subject to change.
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